Hello gardeners,

We’ll be having a Garden Work Day and Bake Sale on Saturday, October 12, 2013. Please mark your calendars and bring something yummy to sell 🙂 Oh, and good news: Megan has made real progress on the new shed! 

We need lots of delicious baked goods to help pay for our new shed – sweet or savory! Even if you can’t make it the day of, please arrange with Vicki to drop baked goods off.

We need members to help set up for the bake sale before the CSA arrives.  So please come at 9am to set up tables, popcorn machine, create labels for the baked goods, etc.  If you are dropping off baked goods please do so by 9:30am.  This allows time to display your delicious goods & be selling to customers by 10am.

Members to help work in & around the garden:

For working on the shed – members should be there at 9am.  We need approximately 3 members at most to work on this & if possible should be members who have experience with building stuff.  There is a lot to do & it probably won’t all get done that day, but the earlier we get started the more we can do.

For working in & around the garden we will need help to: bundle cut branches, weed tree pits along the side walk, water community areas, sweep the concrete area in & around the garden, pick up trash in & around the garden, spread the ground mulch out – it has gathered in areas again, fix the netting as needed, spread compost as needed.  There may be other items that come up as well.

The CSA comes at 10am so we will have to plan doing stuff around them – before they arrive at 10am or after they leave (approx. 12pm).

See you then!


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