Fall Meeting Notes 2017
Thanks to all our members who made it out to the garden for our fall clean up and member meeting! Below are the notes from the meeting.
  • Garden needs:
    • More help taking care of communal ornamental planters: watering, weeding
    • More commitment to individual plots: watering, weeding, dealing with pests disease, maintenance
    • Repairs to wooden planters
      • Alternative option for planters that need to be replaced. New wood? Use existing stone blocks? Plastic?
    • New hose caddy for green hose
    • Additional hose stationed by planters along 2nd place
    • Shut off nozzles for ends of hoses
    • Budget for summer annuals for communal ornamental beds
    • Native plants for communal ornamental beds
    • Labels for plants
    • Soil
    • Blog post on website: what plants to plant where in the garden (include garden map and indicate what kind of sun exposure hits where)
  • Fundraising:
    • We need to establish a shared sense of need
    • Determine costs for our needs list (above)
    • What skills do our gardeners have that we can use to raise money?
    • Fundraising ideas:
      • Bake sale
      • Plant sale (divide and sell perennials from the garden)
      • Raffle
      • Open garden hours (chaperoned by a gardener) for donation
      • Cocktails in the garden
      • Music nights
      • Workshops (natural dying, flower arranging, seed saving, improv)
      • “In the garden” series
    • Set goals for spring fundraising efforts
    • Reach out to Gowanus Conservancy:
      • Compost (***received today!***)
      • Can they take diseased soil to solarize?
      • Seeds
If anyone has ideas to contribute, please email us your ideas!