Thanks to all our gardeners who came to our Spring Clean Up & Member meeting! We had a great turnout and the garden is looking in tip top shape for the 2018 season. Please see our notes and updates below.


Spring Member Meeting Notes


  • Yahoo groups was accidentally deleted. We now have an OPTIONAL discussion group for current member to communicate directly with each other. A current member is someone who has paid dues for the current year. Non-current members will be removed from the group.

If you’d like to sign up for the discussion group, you can do so here.

Transit Garden newsletters, updates, and official communication will still come from the official Transit Garden email. If you need to communicate with the entire Transit Garden member roster, please email

TG email address ( is the official email of the garden. Its not the group discussion email. The newsletter, updates, and official communication will come from this email. If you need to contact the entire TG Member Roster, please email the official email.


See the note from fundraiser co-organizer, Brooke, here.

And get your tickets here!

Garden Needs

From last fall:

  • More help taking care of communal ornamental planters: watering, weeding
  • More commitment to individual plots: watering, weeding, dealing with pests disease, maintenance
  • Repairs to wooden planters
  • New hose caddy for green hose
  • Additional hose stationed by planters along 2nd place
  • Shut off nozzles for ends of hoses (Allan researching)
  • Budget for summer annuals for communal ornamental beds
  • Native plants for communal ornamental beds
  • Labels for plants (Kari researching)
  • Soil
  • Blog post on website: what plants to plant where in the garden (include garden map and indicate what kind of sun exposure hits where)

Newly added:

  • Our member Scott takes our yard waste to the compost collection at Carroll and Smith every week out of the goodness of his heart. He needs help. Lend a hand!
  • “Water Me!” signs (Kari researching)
  • Bulletin Board for shed (members can post notes)
  • Garden map with member names and contact info in shed
  • Hand sharpener for pruners
  • Benches around former fountain (Kelly researching)
  • Fountain will become statue
  • Check the dates on the fertilizers and toss what’s old
  • Store CSA stuff some where else (and keep it neater)
  • New lock & keys for gate

Garden Rules

Old rules; draft new ones as a group. To go on website and new members as part of orientation.

We didn’t get to this.*


Vicki is stepping back from the leading the garden. She is transitioning to Chairperson Emeritus. Chelsea is stepping forward to become our new Chairperson.


*Here is a red line edit of the old rules. The porposed revisions are in black. If you have any input, please email by May 11. They will be posted on our webiste after that.

  • Enjoy the plants and flowers, do not pick.

Please do not pick any plants or flowers outside of your own plot.

  • Food & beverages permitted, but take your food garbage when you go. SOON we’ll have composting and recycling bins for paper and plastic.

Take as much of your trash with you as possible. We don’t have a formal trash pick up.

  • Borrow and return all garden tools to storage container. Garden tool donations are always welcome.

Return all tools, gloves, fertilizers, etc. to the shed when you’re done. Please make sure your kids do the same. Put away the hoses neatly.

  • Dogs allowed on short leash. If others are in the garden, be considerate, check with their doggy comfort-level. And please clean up after your pet.

Leashed dogs allowed. Please be considerate, clean up after your dog, and make sure other gardeners present are comfortable with dogs.

  • Children are welcome, but please supervise them. No picking flowers, pulling out plants, throwing dirt, etc.

Supervise your kids. Make sure your kids (and their babysitter) know which plot is yours. Make sure they put away tools, don’t pick flowers, pull out plants, dig in other plots, leave toys, throw dirt, etc. All our rules apply to kids as well.

  • If new members do not want the existing plant in your planter, donate it back to the garden
  • Regularly water, weed & maintain your individual planter, as well as adopted community stone planters.

Keep up your plot clean, healthy, watered, and disease free. We are all part of the same ecosystem.

  • Help us water and weed the community stone planters. Would you like to adopt a community stone planter with other friends to water and weed?

Help water ornamental beds.

  • Help us keep the whole garden clean, use community trash bins, always use trash bag liners (refills are in plastic storage containers).

Keep the garden clean. We don’t have a housekeeper. You are the housekeeper.

  • Trash loves our garden and blows in daily.  Please help us keep the garden clean, pick up any garbage inside & directly outside garden fence/gate.


  • Double check, is the water OFF?

Make sure the water is off before you leave.

  • Lock the garden properly when leaving.

Lock the garden when you leave.

  • Adoption of community planters can require many actions — weeding, watering, and dead heading are generally non-controversial, but in the future after identifying potential candidates for more radical actions including pruning, trimming and/or removal of trees, shrubs and other garden perennials in the community planters, please take the time to circulate your thoughts and plans for a week or so on the garden yahoo group to give more people get a chance to weigh in. Several of our gardeners are extremely experienced and some are in the profession.

Non-members welcome with a garden member. Do not give your keys to others without notifying the group.

Members are welcome to bring friends into the garden. Members are responsible for their guests’ behavior.

The garden is the property of the Transit Authority and provides access to their substation facility as well. In our lease, the MTA asks that only garden members be given a key. When the last member leaves, the gate should be chained and locked until another member arrives. The garden is open to the full community whenever a member with a key has opened it and is inside working or enjoying it. However, when the member with a key leaves, it is their responsibility to lock the gate. Therefore all non key holders who are in the garden must leave at that time so that the garden can be properly locked.

While present in the garden, members are welcome to invite the community into the garden. Please make sure visitors don’t take or leave anything. Make sure there are no non-members in the garden before you leave.

As per our lease, only dues-paying members may have a key to the garden. Should you discontinue your membership, you must return your key.

The garden is not the place for misfit pots, planters, trellises, etc. Please email the garden before leaving these items in the garden.

Please email the garden before inventing more garden space around your plot. Seating areas are definitely off limits.