We set ourselves a goal of selling 50 tickets and raising $1,000 toward rebuilding our wooden planters. Well the final numbers are in and drum roll, please…

We had around 100 family, friends, and community members join us for the party!

And together we raised over $2,500 for our garden!!!

See more photos from the party here.

There’s a loooooong list of people to thank. It was a lot of hard work putting this event together and it took the strength and determination of our community to pull it off. Enormous Thank You’s to all the following folks who helped make it happen:

Food & Beverage Sponsors:

Le Petit Cafe
Margaret Palco Desserts
Fat Cat Wines
Carroll Gardens Wine

Raffle Sponsors/Donors:

Garden Design Magazine
Common Knowledge Plants
JUNIPR Garden Care & Design
Element Natural Healing Arts
Mazzone Hardware
Yesterday’s News Antiques and Collectibles
Dr. Patricia Wilson, DDS
Jo Cogan
Emiko Shinozaki Jewelry 
Allyson Smith Designs
Chelsea Wagner
Michael Carroll

Music by:
Sunshine & Rainbows Stringband
Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues
Spur of the Moment
Emmett Macrides Einbinder

And HUGE thank you to all our members who readied the garden, donated food and drinks, donated to the raffle, bought tickets, brought family and friends, hit the streets and flyered, sourced donations, stored supplies in their houses, baked and cooked, mixed cocktails, helped book bands, helped set up for the event, helped clean up, bartended, did door duty & the raffle table, came and danced with us, and so many more things. Ya’ll are incredible. In no particular order:

Kelly Butler
Matthew Walters
Rachael Akohonae
Holly Buczek
Becky Carron
David Cribari
Michael Carroll
Vicki Devor
Lindsay Gsell
Mary Pat Kane
Whitney Kay
Rachel Kim
Kari Rimmel
Michael Scarmack
Aileen Doherty
Kalle Macrides
Cory Einbinder
Emiko Shinozaki
Jo Cogan
Scott MacGaw
Elizabeth MacGaw
Allyson Smith
Stephanie Carter
Jayson Haedrich
Kater Danford
Richard Danford
Alon Daniel
Brooke Bryant
Jeff Stark
Chelsea Wagner
Andrea Raimondi

Now to get to work! 🙂


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