SAVE THE DATE: Spring Meeting 2014

spring meeting photo

Hello everyone! Please save the date — our Spring Clean-up day is scheduled for Saturday, April 26. Hopefully we’ll have fantastic weather – we sure deserve it after this crazy winter!

And our Bake Sale is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, May 31 — and potentially June 1. Stay tuned… and see you around the garden!

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Our new shed!

Hello everyone – here are a few pictures of our newly installed shed – enjoy!


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Fall 2013 Garden Work Day & Bake Sale: Saturday Oct 12!


Hello gardeners,

We’ll be having a Garden Work Day and Bake Sale on Saturday, October 12, 2013. Please mark your calendars and bring something yummy to sell 🙂 Oh, and good news: Megan has made real progress on the new shed! 

We need lots of delicious baked goods to help pay for our new shed – sweet or savory! Even if you can’t make it the day of, please arrange with Vicki to drop baked goods off.

We need members to help set up for the bake sale before the CSA arrives.  So please come at 9am to set up tables, popcorn machine, create labels for the baked goods, etc.  If you are dropping off baked goods please do so by 9:30am.  This allows time to display your delicious goods & be selling to customers by 10am.

Members to help work in & around the garden:

For working on the shed – members should be there at 9am.  We need approximately 3 members at most to work on this & if possible should be members who have experience with building stuff.  There is a lot to do & it probably won’t all get done that day, but the earlier we get started the more we can do.

For working in & around the garden we will need help to: bundle cut branches, weed tree pits along the side walk, water community areas, sweep the concrete area in & around the garden, pick up trash in & around the garden, spread the ground mulch out – it has gathered in areas again, fix the netting as needed, spread compost as needed.  There may be other items that come up as well.

The CSA comes at 10am so we will have to plan doing stuff around them – before they arrive at 10am or after they leave (approx. 12pm).

See you then!

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Saturday, June 1 — Garden Work Day

hostas at the south carolina botanical gardens

hostas at the south carolina botanical gardens

Hello everyone! Mother Nature has been testy lately so our garden work day has been re-scheduled for Saturday, June 1st at 10am.  Mark your calendars! 

We’ll need 3-5 volunteers to step up and create a netting committee.  Our goal is to fix and replace the black netting along the fence that is currently there.  The netting helps keep trash and other items (that tend to blow into the garden) out of our space.

Megan is leading the charge on the netting project and can meet with  volunteers after 6:30pm during the week or at a selected time on the weekend to give guidance on how to get the project started.  Please contact Megan by replying to the Garden Listerv email.

Happy Gardening and look forward to seeing you all there!

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2013 Spring Meeting Photos!

Hello all – here are a few photos from this morning’s meeting. Can’t wait to see everything in full bloom!

If you have any photos you’d like me to post, please let me know! You can email me at or just leave a comment — whatever is easiest for you

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A few more…

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Sent in from Beverly — thanks!! (And in case you didn’t know, that’s Mary Ann & Ringo)

mary ann & ringo

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Spring 2013 Meeting Time/Date!

beautiful flowers from the brooklyn botanical gardens

beautiful flowers from the brooklyn botanical gardens

Hello everyone! The 2013 Transit Garden Annual Spring Meeting will be Saturday, April 13th, 10:00 am (Rain Date, Sunday, April 14th 11am).

And hey, attendance is mandatory so that we can get a good start on 2013 and know that every planter is accounted for! 

Garden dues are $30/year per plot/planter for each garden key holder/community gardener. Click here to read the “Rules of the Garden.”

NOTE: if you are not returning to the garden, sad to see you go. Please let Vicki know (email is: prior to the meeting so that others on the waiting list may take care of your planters. 

Happy Spring 🙂


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Almost Time for the Spring 2013 Meeting !


Hello everyone,

Spring hasn’t sprung yet — I mean it’s almost snowing outside today — but it’s still time to plan and get our garden ready! 

Please get in touch with Vicki if you are not planning on returning to the Transit Garden for 2013 – this will open up your planter for a newcomer. Vicki’s email is 

And for those definitely returning — date of the Spring Meeting TBD 🙂  


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