Summer Fundraiser Planning Notes

We had another great planning meeting! Please see our notes below. If you need to catch up, the previous meeting's notes can be found here.   Summer Fundraiser Party When: Saturday, June 16th, 2018.   6-9pm $25 tickets Kater's band confirmed to play Goal: 60 ticketed guests   What do we still need? More Coordinators  PR*: … Continue reading Summer Fundraiser Planning Notes


Spring/Summer Planning Notes

Thanks to our members who made it to our planning meeting! We've got a lot of great things on the horizon. Take a look at the notes here, and if you'd like to add anything, please email us at Meeting notes: General NEW: Monthly garden member hangout! 1st Wednesday of every month in the garden. … Continue reading Spring/Summer Planning Notes

Join us for some holiday cheer & fundraising in the garden! At our fall meeting we came up with a list of improvements & needs for the garden. To help raise funds, we're hosting a holiday tree lighting and celebration in the garden! Sign up HERE to contribute a plate of your grandma's famous cookies, … Continue reading