The Transit Garden is a member-supported community garden located at the corner of Smith Street and Second Place.

If you’d like to join our community, either as a gardener or Friend of the Garden, send us an email at


To keep things running smoothly, we have a few community guidelines:

  • Keep your plot clean, healthy, watered, and disease-free. We are all part of the same ecosystem.
  • Return all tools, gloves, fertilizers, etc. to the shed when you’re done. Please make sure your kids do the same. Put away the hoses neatly.
  • Please do not pick any plants or flowers outside of your own plot.
  • Supervise your kids. Make sure your kids (and their babysitter) know which plot is yours. Make sure they put away tools, don’t pick flowers, pull out plants, dig in other plots, leave toys, throw dirt, etc. All our rules apply to kids as well.
  • Leashed dogs are allowed. Please be considerate, clean up after your dog, and make sure other gardeners present are comfortable with dogs.
  • Please help water ornamental beds.
  • Help keep the garden clean & tidy. Toss trash that blows in, help sweep fallen leaves, etc.
  • Please don’t leave misfit pots, planters, trellises, etc. Please email the garden before leaving these items in the garden.
  • Please email the garden before inventing more garden space around your plot. Seating areas are definitely off limits.
  • Make sure the water is off before you leave.
  • Lock the garden when you leave.
  • Members are welcome to bring friends into the garden. Members are responsible for their guests’ behavior.
  • Take as much of your trash with you as possible. We don’t have a formal trash pick up.
  • While present in the garden, members are welcome to invite the community in. Please make sure visitors don’t take or leave anything. Make sure there are no non-members in the garden before you leave.
  • As per our lease, only dues-paying members may have a key to the garden. Should you discontinue your membership, you must return your key.