Founded in 2002 by the Devor family with the support of neighbors and community organizations, the Transit Garden transformed an unused MTA lot into a beloved community resource. The garden has been providing community members with a place to grow their own food, gather, and immerse themselves in nature ever since. 




Members have access to the garden and receive their own plot for the season. They are responsible for keeping their plot healthy and disease free. 

Bird Watcher 

Members have access to the garden. 
All members pay annual dues and must attend the Spring and Fall Member Meetings + clean up days, and complete at least one compost shift per season in addition to general maintenance. All members are responsible for keeping the garden clean, healthy, and safe.
Interested in becoming a member? Email us at

Community Guidelines and Garden Rules

  • Keep your plot clean, healthy, watered, and disease-free.
  • Help keep the garden clean & tidy. Sweep trash and leaves, weed, etc.
  • Return all tools, materials, etc. to the shed when you’re done. Help keep the shed neat and organized.
  • Put away the hoses neatly and make sure the water is off before you leave.
  • Please do not pick any plants or flowers outside of your own plot.
  • Please supervise your kids, guests, and pets. Members are responsible for whomever they invite into the garden. 
  • Leashed dogs are welcome. Please be considerate, clean up after your dog, and make sure other gardeners present are comfortable with dogs.
  • There is no trash in the garden. Please take all trash with you. Do not put trash in the compost bins.
  • Lock the garden when you leave.
  • While present in the garden, members are welcome to invite the community in. Please make sure visitors don’t take or leave anything. Make sure there are no non-members in the garden before you leave.
  • As per our lease, only dues-paying members may have a key to the garden.