Autumn Garden Chores

Autumn is one of the most exciting times of year in the garden. The harvest is in full swing, the leaves are turning and there is tons of work to be done (remember, as gardeners we like garden work)! Here is our list of fall garden chores. We'll be tackling some of these later this … Continue reading Autumn Garden Chores


New Neighbors

It looks like the Transit Garden will be getting some new neighbors: the Lee Brother's Auto Repair shop across Smith St. will be converted into a four-story apartment building. Take a look at the story on neighborhood blog Pardon Me For Asking for more details. What does this mean for our garden? Well, in the … Continue reading New Neighbors

Membership Renewal Deadline,Member Meeting, & Clean Up Day

Happy Spring, Transit Gardeners! Our membership renewal deadline is April 22nd this year. We've got a waiting list of new gardeners for the season, so please make sure to renew before then. Send an email before 4/22 to to make renewal arrangements. April 22nd is also the day of our Spring Member Meeting & … Continue reading Membership Renewal Deadline,Member Meeting, & Clean Up Day

Join us for some holiday cheer & fundraising in the garden! At our fall meeting we came up with a list of improvements & needs for the garden. To help raise funds, we're hosting a holiday tree lighting and celebration in the garden! Sign up HERE to contribute a plate of your grandma's famous cookies, … Continue reading